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Lunar Eclipse Jan 20th

  • 03 Jan 2019 9:32 AM
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    Emily Calkins (Administrator)

    Our member, George Spicer, sent this to me to share for anyone interested in photographing the eclipse.


    There is supposed to be a lunar eclipse visible from Baltimore on 1/20-21.  The eclipse begins  at 9:36 PM and ends at 2:48 AM. 

    A buddy from the Baltimore camera club & I shot the blood moon (eclipse) in 2015.  It was cloudy here so we drove to Bennetts Point Landing, Wye Ferry Rd, Queenstown, MD - eastern shore.  It wasn't entirely clear but we got some pictures.  The moon was high in the sky and no interesting foreground.  So. we just got mediocre moon pictures.  I used an aperture of f/9, figured I might get a sharper image with a middle aperture.  My lens was at 600mm using an APSC (Canon) camera.  Shutter speed of 2 seconds.  Didn't realize I was just over the edge of getting star trails.  A faster shutter and larger aperture would have been much better.  

    Last Summer, Jared Lloyd http://jaredlloydphoto.com, published on line his quarterly photo journal.  He stated that in general, photographers should use the "rule of 400's" to shoot stars without getting star trails.  If one divides 400 by the focal length of the lens, the answer is the fastest shutter speed one can use before star trails begin to appear.  Round down the answer to match your shutter speeds.  For example using a 24mm lens, 400/24=16.6.  Our shutters don't have a shutter speed of 16.6 seconds so round down to 15 seconds.  At 600mm, the maximum shutter speed should have been more like 1/8 second.  

    Jared Lloys is primarily a wildlife photographer based in Montana, formerly from the outer banks of NC.  He has published a couple of ebooks, gives photo tours in the U.S., Canada and Panama.  Jared also cohosted a couple of episodes of Wild Photo Adventures on PBS several years ago.


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