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    • 18 Jan 2018
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Robinson Nature Center

    Warren von Uffel has kindly offered to lead the presentations and demos. Warren will lead off the meeting with his brief presentation and demonstration of the benefits of using extension tubes with telephoto zoom lenses. Most photographers use extension tubes for macro photography. However you may not be aware that they can also be used with telephoto lenses (e.g., 100-400mm zoom) to photograph subjects in ways that you may not have previously considered.

    We are also soliciting ALL members to offer to volunteer to give a brief talk and demo (e.g., 15 to 20 minute) for this first meeting.

    The topic should be something that is of a practical nature that members can benefit by. Some examples - an in-the-field technique or camera mode of operation that you find to be helpful; your experience with a new camera model or lens; a helpful accessory; a new/updated post processing application, a helpful post processing technique, or how to use a specific post processing tool set. Do not be concerned if you are unsure whether a topic that you have in mind may have been previously presented. More than likely, it has not. And if it has been presented, a refresher is always helpful and we have so many new members that it is very likely they had not attended a previous presentation of a given topic.

    Please contact Warren (warrenvon@msn.com) with your presentation idea.

    We can provide a laptop if you need one. The classroom is equipped with a wall mounted monitor (HDMI connection).

    Our DSLR Users Group meetings are a wonderful opportunity for you to share your knowledge of, and experience with, in-the-field photographic techniques, new DSLR equipment and accessories, post processing applications and their tools, or perhaps photographic workshops and travel trips to destinations that you may have recently visited. And it is of course a terrific way to meet other members that may share your photographic interests and that may use the same camera equipment so that you can exchange helpful information about camera and menu settings, etc..

    Meeting will be held at the Robinson Nature Center:


    NOTE: Call the Center to find out about closings/cancellations related to weather. Their Inclement Weather Line is 410-313-4452 (choose option 6).

    • 24 Jan 2018
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Chapelgate Christian Academy, 2600 Marriottsville Rd, Marriottsville, MD 21104

    CMPG starts the year with a presentation that is out of this world. 

    Zolt Levay will give a presentation on the Hubble Space telescope.  Zolt is the Imaging Group Lead, Office of Public Outreach for the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore which is the science operations center for the Hubble Space Telescope. 

    Zolt will show some of the amazing pictures taken with the Hubble Telescope, talk about the history and operations of the Hubble, and talk about the James Webb Space Telescope which is due to launch in 2018.

    Zolt is an astronomer and photographer with a presentation that will be a highlight of the CMPG year.

    For some background on Zolt see an interview he gave in Sep 2015:


    You can learn about the Space Telescope Science Institute at:


    and learn about Zolt’s current position at:


    While Zolt has a dream job working with the photography and science of the Hubble Telescope he also has an impressive body of work with earth based subjects:

    Check out his site:


    His photos at 500px.com:


    or on Facebook:


    Make sure to put the January meeting on your calendarand if you have friends interested in photography invite them to join us.

    • 28 Feb 2018
    • 27 Jun 2018
    • 4 sessions
    • Chapelgate Christian Academy, 2600 Marriottsville Rd, Marriottsville, MD 21104

    Join us for our General Meeting.  Check back for program details!

    • 21 Mar 2018
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Chapelgate Christian Academy, 2600 Marriottsville Rd, Marriottsville, MD 21104

    Our speaker this month will be Irene Sacilotto: Life in the Chesapeake Bay - Tangier Island, a Visual Journey

    Just south of the Maryland line, in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, lies Tangier Island, VA.  It is actually a series of small islands connected by narrow wooden bridges spanning marshes and tidal creeks. From the mainland, it can only be reached by boat or small plane.  On its narrow roads, golf carts and bicycles replace cars as the primary mode of transportation.  It is a charming community of shop owners and waterman, with many inhabitants making their living on the water as did their ancestors, oystering and crabbing. Recently, Tangier Island has been the focus of news stories as a possible casualty of climate change and sea level rise as each year flooding on the island becomes more frequent and erosion increases. This presentation is a visual journey, compiled from photos that I have taken over the years.  It explores life on Tangier and paints a picture of the island, waterman community, and the wildlife that inhabits its marshes, lagoons, and tidal guts.  Includetips on photographing the waterman community and wildlife.


    Since 1979, Irene has shared her photographic experiences and love of nature with thousands of individuals through more than 200 photo classes, workshops, lectures, and tours in both the U.S. and abroad including the Brazilian Pantanal, Newfoundland, Falkland Islands, Iceland, Argentina, Chincoteague NWR, Assateague, the Florida Coast, South Texas, South Dakota Badlands, Bosque del Apache NWR, etc.   Sponsors have included zoos, nature centers, camera clubs, and conservation organizations such as National Wildlife Federation.  For more than 19 years, she has taught photography classes at Johns Hopkins University and other educational institutions and has written “How To” articles on nature photography for national publications such as Outdoor Photographer and Birding Her images have appeared in magazines, calendars, and books published by National Wildlife Federation, Natural History Society, National Geographic, Audubon, and Sierra Club.  Her book, “Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, an Ecological Treasure,” is sold in bookstores nationwide.


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